Terms of Use

Limits and requirements for merchants

Forbidden Activities

rWallet will not work with stores that violate the laws of the country they are registered in. The list of prohibited activities for Russian merchants includes, but not limited by the following:
  • activities, that are directly or indirectly aimed at extraction of profit and/or at receipt of other benefits by deceit, fraud or other unlawful means;
  • dissemination of intellectual property without written permission of authors;
  • distribution of software, containing computer viruses or other components that could harm the user, user’s property or cause a loss of information;
  • dissemination of information impelling illegal activity, including information containing propaganda of terrorism, incitement of ethnic, racial or religious hatred, injury of any kind, as well as information of prohibited content, including all forms of pornography materials;
  • illegal distribution of any kind of weapons, drugs or their precursors.

Information about the owner

The account of the online store, working with Wallet One Checkout, should contain the owner’s information, including name, surname, date of birth and full passport details, as well as confirmed number of the cell phone and email address. Information about the owner should be submitted not later than 3 days after the first successful payment done via Wallet One Checkout, but preferably immediately after online store’s registration.


In order to counteract the legalization of profits, received by means of crime, continuation of work with the online store can be suspended for the identification of the owner if the owner’s information was declined after Federal Migration Service check or seems unreliable. The owner of online store can be identified independently. Please direct your letter with the request for independent identification to this e-mail address support@walletone.com. Ensuring internal control in order to counteract the legalization of profits, received by means of crime, is the responsibility of organizations that conduct money transactions in accordance with Federal Law.

The requirements on the web site’s design

1. It is prohibit to place on the site the graphic, textual information (including the latent information) that has the sexual, narcotic, politic and nationalistic character, and it is prohibit to place the links to such kind of information.

2. The site shouldn’t contain:

  • inactive pages (that conform to the codes of compliance HTTP 301, 302, 401, 403, 404, 502);
  • the links which direction of differs from the business logic of the site;
  • the links which direction of transfer is differ from the direction of transfer that is declared on the site;
  • the pages/links that redirect to another web-sites (without the clear indication of redirection).

3. For internet – shops that have the centres of good’s delivery the site should contain the information about the location of such centres (the real adress and and the map with directions).

4. The site should have the contact information of employes responsible to the comminication with clients.

5. The site must contain documents required for the transaction between online shops and customers in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (contract-offer and other documents).

6. The site must contain information (text, graphics) about licenses, permits from the manufacturer or government agencies for the products (services), which allows to establish unequivocally to whom, by whom, for how long and on what type of activity or products are issued these documents ( for the licensed activity).

7. The site must contain information on measures carried out by online shops to guarantee security payments (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) using a credit card, instructions for making payments using a credit card, refund rules (return is possible only on the card, from which the payment was done), goods and dispute resolution in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation.